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'Black Hawk' & 'Central City' Area
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 Posted: Fri Jan 5th, 2018 08:12 pm
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Kevin Fall

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Hopefully this will end up in The Gilpin Part 2 topic folder but this is my first attempt at adding any photos to a forum. So if they end up somewhere else, I apologize. I had acquired these photos some years ago and having watched Keith's posts believe that these are different views of the areas around Black Hawk and some of the mines up in the hills served by the Gilpin. I have no idea the year that these photos were taken, but I imagine they were all photographed around the same time. Also some of the photos are damaged on the edges. The originals are extremely clear but I don't have a working scanner at the moment. If I have identified any of these incorrectly please let me know. It is only because of this forum that I was able to identify anything at all in these photos.

Fisk mine in Black Hawk (below). C&S trackage in the lower left. Not sure exactly where this was but seems to me it was above the town. Looks like the outhouse in the foreground is on a platform?

Fisk mine from another direction (below). No motor vehicles but nice horse and buggy in the distance. C&S trackage going over culvert on right. The outhouse in the background appears to be the same one as in the first photo.

View looking towards Black Hawk (below). I think this is Bates Hill across the way with the Havilan Street loop on the hill. Not a lot of houses on the hill yet. Not sure where the Gilpin would be in this photo if at all. Also not sure what the mines are on the distant hill. What is interesting to me is the people in the foreground. It looks that they are at a road crossing the C&S and there is someone in a railroad uniform waiting with them. Are they waiting for a train? Lots of small houses and outhouses in the foreground and on the distant hill.

An enlargement (below) of the previous photo. The sign beside the railway person appears to be broken on both sides but the following letters are on it as they appear from top to bottom.


And what I can make of it so far:
Any guesses?

Prosser Gulch (below). Keith has posted other views of this area but I don't believe this view. You can see several levels of Gilpin track.Track at the bottom going over the gulch and by the Wood shaft house (with 3 Gilpin cars). Mines at the top of the hill left to right: Gunnel, Whiting (with 1 Gilpin ore car), Grand Army shaft house (with 4 Gilpin ore cars), Concrete shaft house. I think the Gold Collar mine is in this view somewhere but it is definitely in the next view.

The Gold Collar mine (below). There is Gilpin track on the hill going to the Concrete shaft house on the right just above the Gold Collar. The mine at the top of the ridge with the big tailings pile I believe is the Golden Treasure shaft house. The mine to the left of that on the ridge I have no idea.

The next photo is of the Haverhill Gold Mine (below). There are 2 mines in the distance and I do not know if there is any Gilpin track is in the distance.

An enlargement of the unidentified mines in the distance.

Well, that wraps it up. Any more information on these photos would be appreciated. And hoping this ends up in the Gilpin forum when I press the button.


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 Posted: Sat Jan 6th, 2018 02:24 am
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Hi Kevin :wave:

Those are some really AWESOME photos !

As a big Gilpin Tram fan, it's GREAT to see these new pictures !!

Pleased to hear that the Freerails Forum helped with some of the pix.

The Gold Collar Mine is a nice little prototype for modeling.

The photo of it you Posted Kevin, is perfect for a scratchbuild !

I'm sure Keith will have a word or two to say about the photos.

All the best.




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