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'Big Bend Two Foot Gauge' - 1:35n2
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 Posted: Wed Jan 29th, 2020 08:09 pm
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W C Greene

Joined: Fri May 4th, 2007
Location: Royse City, Texas USA
Posts: 8100
I've been operatin' on the railroad lately and not posting any pix here.
Something I had forgotten about is what to do with the slag which occurs when smelting metals.
There is a need to get rid of the waste and lately the smelter has been running most every day,
so there is plenty of slag to dispose of.
For every operation that smelts metals, there must be some type of disposal using a bucket or tub of some sort.
A few years back, I built a little slag car using a plastic measuring spoon.
That little car was just a 4 wheeler and was just a "scenic piece".

I found what I used in a junque box,
and thought some fellow miners would like to see what could be adapted to become a "slag pot".
Sometimes they might be akin to a wheelbarrow and one of these small spoons would work for such a model.
Just a couple of spoked wheels and a frame would be all you need.
Depending on your scale, there is a choice of sizes.
I found this plastic measuring spoon set at the grocery store and the price was right, about a dollar, as I remember.
I just used the size (the largest) in the set and cut it off the handle.
I just may use a smaller spoon to make a wheelbarrow slag pot,
now that I have found the set of spoons.

I had built this little double-truck "idler car" for use at the smelter,
and it had been "hiding" in the machine shop, all forgotten...until now.
I found a couple of "V tipper" car parts (inverted v shapes)
and got some wood planks, a couple of bits of plastic, some NBW's,
and the slag pot that had become junk just laying around.
It needed some type of metal "apron",
that would keep the hot slag from messing up the wooden underframe,
a piece of .010 sheet brass. And after about an hour, here she is.
And the slag pot can be in the dump position also.

The slag can be made from small rocks mixed into a "slurry"of plaster,
or water putty and painted flat black to represent the slag.
Since I wanted to show this car without a load, I used some water putty colored with flat black,
and "painted" in the pot...all crusty and nasty looking.
I have seen solid slag "skulls" and hunks of slag at old smelter locations.
On my old Silver City narrow gauge, I modeled the large slag pile behind the SCPA&M's enginehouse,
and it had some "skulls" and other bits of nastiness.

In this old photo of the SC enginehouse, you can see some of the slag pile behind the structure.
Of course, the real slag pile was much, MUCH larger,
and when I first looked at a photo of the real thing, I thought it was a large hill or mountain.
Yep, a mountain of slag!
So, if you are modeling a mining line and have a smelter, you NEED to have some kind of slag dump.
I don't have one on the Big Bend layout...I actually hated the thing on the SC layout,
but will figger something out that won't make me sorry that I made it.              

It doesn't matter if you win or lose, its' how you rig the game.
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 Posted: Thu Jan 30th, 2020 01:00 am
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Joined: Sun Dec 27th, 2009
Posts: 973
Love your rendition of the old Silver City smelter and enginehouse.

Slag is super cool too, though most sane people would probably not find it as fascinating as us nerds do..


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 Posted: Thu Jan 30th, 2020 01:11 am
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Ken C

Joined: Tue Jun 16th, 2015
Location:  Calgary, Alberta Canada
Posts: 1048

Due to lack of room, the slag dump could easily have been located a distance away from the smelter proper,

where room for the dumping would take place out of site of the viewer.

Ken Clark

Kaslo & Slocan Railway
International Navigation & Trading Co
Kootenay Railway & Navigation Co.
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