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 Posted: Sat Jan 6th, 2018 06:12 am
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Yep, I know that also. I used these over 20 years ago on my On20 layout and learned what one can and cannot do. I just converted Shay #1 and will post pix when I am through running it to the mines. Needless to report, it works fine. BTW, I broke down and bought a pack of teeny tiny rare earth magnets (100 for $13.00) and these are perfect for the purpose. No more messing with tiny SPST switches...wunnerfull!

Now, photos:

Coal bunker in #1, the reed switch is glued with Elmers (just to be safe) behind the coal boards and painted flat black. The old on/off switch wires were soldered to each side of the switch. The wires, etc. will be "cleaned up" later.

The tiny rare earth magnet has been glued to a piece of wood, later to be fixed up as a tool box or something else. This is shown to the right of the water hatch.

The little piece of wood & magnet is in place on top of the switch. The board is now active. The magnet has enough power to stay in place without any hassles. I made a pair of plastic tweezers to be able to take the magnet off the switch, it would attach itself to a metal tweezer. I may make a more rugged tweezer from brass later but am now having fun running, switching, and not having to mess with a silly little SPST... I am very happy.

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