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 Posted: Thu Jan 4th, 2018 10:21 pm
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Now, back to 2 rail stuff...
Many years ago, my little On20 Mogollon Railway (long before the 1:35 layout) was "Shay powered" with modified MDC HOn3 Shays upscaled to On20. One of these still runs on the Gila Tram mini layout. Anyway, since I was into DC then, I wanted to be able to run one lokie at a time without any blocks, etc. so what I came up with was to install small magnetic reed switches in the locos' cabs which turned them on & off when I passed a magnet across the cab roof. This worked like a charm and later on, I wanted to duplicate the plan on my 1:35n2 r/c locos-still Shays. The problem was that I ordered the "correct" Circuitron parts that I had used before but by now, the company had changed the parts (same #) and apparently "cheapened" the things. I spent the dinero and bought a couple from the LHS and installed one in a loco. It promptly burned out. I installed the other one and it did the same, there is actually less power concerns in the larger locos and battery than on the old layout. I called the company and they told me that the parts were the "same thing" as they WEREN'T. Oh well, I went on and used tiny SPST switches to turn off the batteries. These worked fine but I got fed up with having to get my big old fingers on the tiny switches every time I wanted to run or shut her down.
Lately, I found that MOUSER ELECTRONICS (I don't work for them or have any connection-I send them money & get the parts) has the switches that are EXACTLY what I used before! And since they weren't "made for model trains" or some such BS, they were cheap...about $2.50 each! So I ordered a pack of 10(in case I screwed one or two up) on a Wednesday (one day later) the parts arrived at my door! What service! Now, I am about 100 miles from Mouser but still...
So, I will now install them in my lokies and then not have to touch the damn things unless they need a charge or jump the track.
When I get the job done, I will post some photos.
I can let out the "secret" part # if anybody wants it.
That's my story for today....

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