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 Posted: Mon Jan 1st, 2018 02:11 am
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Thanks Larry, I can always use another cool old truck...especially a TEXACO truck!
Now, on to the usual BS...
OK, the monorail subject is about to be done, or rather about finished. I rescued the old monorail "locomotive" and one old "gondola" and built about 12 "A" frame supports. I laid some code 83 rail atop the supports and have glued them down to the layout. I added about 8" more land near the aerial tramway and the little village of Boquillas.

So far...I just "staged" these little scenes just to see what it will look like. You may notice a straight pin with ball top holding down the frames, these will keep things in line while the glue dries. There is a long siding next to this thing which I originally just used for ore car storage but is now the "connection" with the ore brought in by the monorail from up in the distant hills and canyons, another place to switch cars in & out. Like I wrote, there's just about 6 feet of "track" and that's all I want. NO, this will not be is just scenery. But it got models that I had stashed in dusty boxes and filled the need for something "different" to do while the weather is lousy and I just feel like messing with something different.
Today, new years' eve, it is about 18 degrees and some sleet on the ground...just a fine day to mess around in the heated garage.

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