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 Posted: Wed Dec 20th, 2017 09:26 pm
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Progress? Here's some progress with "downtown" Boquillas...

These 3 photos show what's happening now. I wanted smaller structures (all still 1:35 scale) since I wanted a wider "road" and some space between the "town" and the aerial tram and tipple across the road. Of course, nothing is finished or even close to finished but I feel that I now have a representation of what a little settlement along the border would look like. I built the small mission style church many years ago, am re-doing it and it will sit on the edge of the mesa overlooking the place. It seems that little churches were built on higher ground most times...probably to be above the distractions below. The home between boulders is built right into the mesa and a couple of other small adobe structures are being situated along the street. The wooden structure shown in the last photo will be the town's saloon. Since I can't get away from Mogollon altogether, I am naming this business the same as previous affairs except this is the third version and will have a Spanish name-Cabra Hinchada #3...or Bloated Goat #3 (third version). There will be a lean-to on the side with some guys playing poker & drinking (like before) and parking for Model T's, mules and horses, and whatever else shows up.
Remember, I wrote that this would be "warts & all" and so it is. But at least my ideas are coming together...for now at least.

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