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 Posted: Wed Dec 20th, 2017 04:40 am
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Hello Woodie. Sure looks like the move away from Dallas has done the boy good.

The aerial ropeway bullwheels looked very like what you have used, from what I remember as a lad; they used to fascinate me too. Often used in Britain to tip colliery waste spoil onto the 'bing', the conical pit head waste tips a short distance away from the shaft headgear. I'd stick with what you've done, instantly evocative to me.

I think I remember that on some systems the returning empties stayed inverted but on others the loaded & empty skips all hung the same way up. All long gone over here. Replaced by tattoo parlours, hairdressers and welfare cheque cashing outlets. Hey-Ho. I believe it's called "progress".

Regards,     Michael  

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