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 Posted: Fri Oct 13th, 2017 06:51 am
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Enlarging the same previous photo, we see a 3' gauge gondola and boxcar on the short siding next to the mill. This mill looks like what we expect a typical Colorado stamp mill to look like, unlike some of the previous mills we explored further upstream along Clear Creek

There is a lot detail here. In front of the 3 stacks (which were not a part of the Bobtail Mill, they were the local coal-powered electrical generating plant), is a very long wood-cribbed wall to retain tailings and provide a level area for buildings.There are two wooden water storage tanks, and the right of them you can see two flumes discharging water, possibly from underground mine tunnel drainage

Here is the coal-fired powerhouse for the stamp mill, electricity for the underground mine trains, and other mining company usage. The second 3' gauge spur came into the backside of this building, so I speculate it may have been used for unloading coal

On the north end of the complex, we see this wooden building with the tall brick smoke stack. This was called the "Rocky Mountain Machine Shop" in earlier years, and appears to have been acquired by the Bobtail Mill in later years. I like this interesting structure - it would make a great model!

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