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 Posted: Fri Oct 13th, 2017 06:45 am
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The Bobtail/Fifty Gold Mines Mill

Dominating the north side of Black Hawk was the Bobtail, or as later known as, the Fifty Gold Mines Mill. This mill served several nearby mines, and was at one time an active shipper and the C & S 3' gauge.

This operation operated under several names, and apparently was called the Black Hawk Mill and Gregory Bobtail Mill for a time. Its successor was the Bobtail Mining Company, which was the predecessor to the Fifty Gold Mines mill.
The Fifty Gold Mines mill was the result of the consolidation of several older and contested claims in Gregory Gulch. By 1906, these properties were consolidated and controlled by the Fifty Gold Mines Corporation. At this time, several improvements were made to the mining machinery, and a new laboratory/assay office was added.

This is from a C&S track map of Black Hawk, and shows the two 3' gauge spurs serving the Bobtail Mill, which is shown in red.  This was a large complex of buildings.  The blue line shows the dual gauge 2' and 3' gauge trackage heading downstream along Clear Creek

 This image is from the Denver Public Library, Western History Collection. Taken from a hilltop high above and east of Black Hawk, we see the Bobtail Mill at bottom center. To the upper left of the mill is Black Hawk. The mine dumps immediately above town were in Gregory Gulch, and several of these mines were under control of the same syndicate that operated the Bobtail Mill

An enlargement of the same photo shows the main mill complex. This large mill processed ores from several Gregory Gulch mines. Some ore was shipped into the mill at the tall structure at the top - note the trestle on the right side. This was a narrow underground mine tram - it tunneled through the hill behind the mill, crossed Gregory Gulch, and entered the hillside beyond

Here is an enlargement of the upper narrow gauge mining tramway. This was electric powered, and a short underground mine train can be seen just right of the trestle

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