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 Posted: Fri Oct 13th, 2017 06:34 am
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Dual Gauge Track at the Eagle Mill

We previously saw this image of the Eagle Mill. The dual gauge 2' and 3' track is on the right side of the mill. The spur to the left side of the mill, where two gondolas are parked, is 3' gauge only. This image is from the Denver Public Library, Western History Collection, and can be found at

In previous posts, we looked at the Polar Star and Eagle Mill locations. Chris "Eagle-Eye" Walker pointed out an interesting detail. Chris noted, "you might want to mention that the Gilpin 3-rail was transposed opposite the Eagle Mill.  Only two photos I’ve seen actually show, this one somewhat blurry extreme right. The (dual-gauge track) Draw is just in advance of the Stub rails to the Polar Star Chutes siding.  It appears to me that there was only about a rail length between the draws as well."
[size=Thanks for ][size=sharing this information, Chris!][size=
A closeup view of the previous photo clearly shows the draw, where the 2' gauge track inner rail changed from one side of the track to the [size=other]. There was more than one draw in Black Hawk, and we'll see another one down near the station area. Draws were needed to get the 2' gauge track to the proper side of the track for turnouts to the various mills. There may have been more built than what we see in [size=available] photos.


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