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 Posted: Mon Jun 19th, 2017 08:25 am
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Chris Walker noted that the “new” (last) Central City depot was completed in 1899, and replaced a building on the site previously was a metal roofed building. 

 Chris has an extensive post discussing the Central City depot area, on the C&Sng Discussion Forum – it can be found at:
And, for more information, this information was also confirmed by Rick Steele, also on the C&Sng Discussion Forum, at:
Are you familiar with the C&Sng Discussion Forum? It is a close relative of the C&Sn3 Blog hosted by Darel Leedy (another big Gilpin Tram fan). This site is a must-visit, and has page after page of all things C&S. And, since the C&S also served Black Hawk, there is a fair amount of tram-related material too!  The home page is:
 Chris Walker has been a prolific researcher of railroad and mining along Clear Creek. This is quite an accomplishment, considering Chris lives in New Zealand!

Here, Chris Walker and I are exploring the Gunnell Mine dump in 2004. That's the Gold Collar Mine in the background

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