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 Posted: Mon Jun 12th, 2017 08:54 pm
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Good afternoon all, It has been a bit of time since I last clogged up the net with any thoughts or comments but I have been here all along.  So on the 3/8's stuff work progresses, I have been working on mostly the one end.  Now before any clamor for photos my friend Ryan tried some time ago to post shots of the railroad and was unsuccessful so I know due to my limited computer abilities I won't even bother with posting.  I can tell you that I have built the three mill buildings at Muddy Creek Forks, PA on the MA and PA RR, they have received rave reviews from my guys, could be though they like being invited back for On30 ops sessions.  I have also built a five building town and added some scenery through out this one section.  All in all I can see why some have decided to model in 3/8's, if I didn't have a 1900 square foot basement full of On30 I might consider going bigger.  It is only a thought that will never be acted upon.  As for the over head wire, my friend and historian Martin K Van Horn the 3rd, who is my go to guy, sent me a couple of articles and scale drawings not only for the pole but also how to lay it out.  As it looks I will have over head only on the center peninsula which will service the pier, saw mill, planing mill, furniture/barrel/ and box company.  I think this will be just enough for the time being, it might possibly someday expand but until I install it, it won't go anywhere.  I am thinking by winter I should be far enough along to get started.  One another note, I was looking trough old post and under Modeling Aids I saw a question about removing lettering on Bachman equipment.  I take decal solvent and flood the lettering and then rub with an ink eraser and gone.  I just did this last week and it works just fine.  I didn't have to repaint anything and it didn't scratch the surface in any noticeable way.  Well thank you all for the information, Ken I will check out the link you posted.  Wishing you all parallel rails and trains on time.
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