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 Posted: Sat Apr 8th, 2017 03:11 am
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The problem with making barrels out of that plastic register receipt tube is trying to cut a perfect circle.
Well, there is a way.
I use a round diamond tip drill to make the cap or end (or a round hole in styrene).
I found these on eBay and used them in the past to drill a hole in a glass wine bottle.
I would stuff a short string of Christmas mini lights inside and make it into a night light of sorts or a bar decoration.
My wife and I saw them in an out-of-the-way store, and my wife turned to me and said "you can make that."
"I can?"  Well, I did finally figure it out.
I will warn you; there is no centering drill bit so this thing has a tendency to wander.
So I would strongly suggest that you make some kind of form to hold the drill bit in place.

I found these drill bit on eBay and they cost about $4-6 depending on the size you want.

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