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 Posted: Tue Mar 7th, 2017 02:37 am
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Hi Steve :wave:

I was just wondering...

...if you wanted to do SOME but not ALL catenary...

...maybe just the pier section could be operated by overhead.

Or another location with it's own local switcher.

Just an idea.

Perhaps they didn't want the noise & pollution of diesel at certain spots...

...a pier or mine perhaps could be good examples of this.



Good news on the pix. Steve ... WE LOVE PIX. !

I was about to offer to Post some for you myself.

If you can get your pix. resized to 800-pixels wide though...

...using the Freerails 'attachment-button' is really SO SO simple.

You just press it, in the MAIN reply-window, click on your photo & that's it, hit the Post button.

You can attach 1 photo to any Post doing this & is really worth learning.

It could not be simpler.

Try it, if it goes wrong, we can always delete any excess Posts. :bg:


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