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 Posted: Mon Mar 6th, 2017 05:03 pm
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Good morning, I thank you all for your comments and have to say there are enough opinions to keep me in a state of confusion for a long time. I had an opportunity to speak with a fellow modeler who has a very large HO railroad that is under catenary and an operating group.  I found that he used a very thin piano wire soldered to brass eyelets for his system.  He said the advantage is it doesn't sag and since it is not electrically charged, it became scenery so to speak. I am not sure once I get started just how far I will go but I do want to try it.  I really doubt that I will use the elastic string, I have seen it in demonstrations but not really sure I like it.  I do like the idea of the piano wire.  I guess it comes down to how much aggravation I am willing to put up with.  Worse case is I don't do it and remove the pantograph from the box cab.  Woodie, I don't think trying to charge a r/c reciever is a particularly good idea but might be worth a try, who knows!  This bit about over head and how reliable it will be is mute if you consider I am using battery r/c, then who cares, it is just detail.     OK, that is my take on this and I really appreciate the exchange of ideas, now to a full day of model railroading and other exciting things.Steve

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