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 Posted: Sun Mar 5th, 2017 05:28 pm
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Good morning, Bob and Si thank you for your postings both are not only interesting but most helpful, it certainly keeps the fires of creativity going full tilt.  I have a full day of modeling ahead, since my wife won't be home from her quilting gathering until late today.  Bob, my railroad is in a 11' x 25' out building, it runs point to point with a peninsula in the middle, this is where the docks are. The two un-named towns are at each end of the points.  I have built three locos, the first is a small 4 wheeled box cab with pantograph, the second is a 4 wheel center cab diesel, and the third a small 4 wheel cab unit that switches the dock and what ever industries and warehouses that might populate the middle.  All of the rolling stock except for one caboose are 20' two trucks, the small caboose is a 4 wheel bobber. I am using battery power, radio control and I like the fact that I din't need to waste my time wiring the railroad.  Since this railroad will be operated by just me and an occassional guest, I am going to add an overhead single wire, something I have wanted to do for years.  when you have an operating group my size and age, it would have been very foolish to do overhead in O scale. Again, many thanks to both of you,Steve 

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