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 Posted: Sun Mar 5th, 2017 03:01 am
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Good evening Michael, I am taking a some what different approach to what Woodie and Si are doing by using O standard gauge track and mechs, think On30 only larger.  I am still using all of the appropriate military stuff that I can along with a bunch of O scale items that will work.  As the two really narrow gauge experts said, this is truly a builders scale.  I have yet to find anyone on the net that is doing what I am doing, talk about being alone.  I have two guys in my On30 operating group that have decided to try this as well, who says misery doesn't like company? Anyway, my un-named railroad is located on an island somewhere north of me, maybe Nova Scotia or PEI,maybe Newfoundland, don't really know.  Anyway, the railroad is about 15 or 20 miles long, it goes to the pier and picks up or sends out product for the two towns on the island.  They make "Rhetoric" for the Nations Capitol down in America.  It comes in a dry form, you simply add water and it becomes  a gas, which you simply breathe in and it allows you to pontificate,  and it comes pre-gaseous either way same results. I have been an On30'er for more then 40 years, have a railroad that fills a 1900 square foot basement, with an operating group of 10-15 crazy people, but have to say I like the 3/8n40 better.  I have found out that if you want to do fine scale modeling, as I like to do, it takes longer and more detail is needed, be prepared, YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED.  Since I am in no hurry, wait I turn 70 this month, I like the extra challenge of how to fine detail this railroad but once I have finished a model I usually like the looks.  I wish you well in your modeling, please post pictures.  Since I am not that versed in computerese, you would have to send a private message to get any photos from me.  BTW, right now I have only construction shots, not interesting.OK, that is it for now, best of luck,Smodeling 3/8n40, the other large scale only smaller

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