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 Posted: Fri Mar 3rd, 2017 11:18 am
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Michael M

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Money, Scale & Eyeballs

I recently stumbled across a couple of model railroad blogs where newcomers were asking about what radius to use in HO scale.  While they received a lot of good information some modelers suggested that they might look into N scale as a fair size empire could be built on the old 4 x 8 foot sheet of plywood.

I use to model in HO.  Built a decent size pike in a spare bedroom many years ago.  A move brought the end to that railroad.  I started to collect Lionel and built a few layouts, including my current one which is about 4 x 10 feet.  I also dabbled a little in On30.

Nature abhors a vacuum; so the smaller the scale the greater the desire to fill all available space.  That requires many engines and cars...Money.  But it seems the reverse happens with larger Scales as it often doesn't take much to fill up available space...therefore less money is spent on locomotives and equipment.  Besides the larger scales are much easier on the old Eyeballs.

So, I've decided to follow in Woodie and Si's footsteps and dive into 1:35n2. 

I have already acquired a few figures, a couple of autos, an ore car, and have just started on my first adobe structure.  My future model railroad will be located out in the desert servicing a few silver mines and hauling borax.  Because space is limited, as well as money, I need to choose my railroad equipment carefully and tailor it to the industries being serviced.  Maybe 2 locos and 8-10 freight cars would be all I need...keep it cheap and simple.  Everything will be kitbashed or scratch built except for the track which will just use HO products.

Nye, Inyo & Esmeralda Railroad
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