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 Posted: Fri Feb 10th, 2017 05:46 pm
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Paul W

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Hi Steve

Well, finally found your 'official' posting on 3/8n40.

Precision Scale Co has some 3/8" scale parts listed in their large scale catalogue although some stuff listed as 3/8" is possibly better described as 'multi scale'. With a small following in New Zealand modelling 42" gauge on O-gauge track, we have a few parts such as Westinghouse 6" combined brake set (K-brake), headlights, air pump, turbo generator, cowcatchers etc available as brass or pewter castings. I make some passenger and freight trucks in cast pewter which could be adapted to take O-scale wheelsets such as NWSL's - the wheelsets we use are 'finescale' with tiny flanges so they might not work for you anyway.

I use Kadee 804 and 805 couplers, so probably nothing new for you there.

NZ 9mm:ft modellers have tended to look to 1:35 military model kits for parts to adapt, vehicles and figures. I look for kits for tank or aircraft maintenance crews because the figures are often wearing overalls which are easier to alter to 'civilian' appearance than a military uniform, plus they might have tools which can be used in a workshop scene. Preiser makes some nice 1:32 unpainted figures, albeit in very European clothing styles.

Recently I figured out how to make steam loco driving wheel centres using Shapeways' Black-Strong-Flexible, and it has turned out more successful than I had dared to hope - the 'flexible' is really a misnomer, 'tough' is more accurate. This is awesome for crazy people like me who model in awkward scales because now I don't have to use compromises like Slaters O-scale wheels with their too-many and too-fine spokes; instead I can make very accurate copies of the prototypes. I am working very hard to improve my skills on my lathe so that I can make my own tyres consistently. My accuracy improved markedly when I fitted digital read-outs to my lathe - it is old and has imperial handwheels, which I just cannot get my head around, being brought up in the metric era!

Paul Woods
Whangarei, NZ.

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