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 Posted: Wed Dec 28th, 2016 06:11 am
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Good evening all,  Besides Woodie modeling in 3/8n20 is anyone modeling in 3/8n40?  After 40 years of being an On30 modeler I decided it was time to try 3/8n40.  This is using O standard gauge and building in 3/8's. In my On30 operating group there are two other guys that have started building 3/8's models and layouts.  So far we have asked and Ed Fillion at Deerfield River Laser has agreed to produce a number of laser cut scale 20' frames for us and a number of box car frames.  The problem is we don't know what we don't know in regards to detail parts and where to find them.  I have been using Hobby Linc for 1/35 people, Grandt Line O scale windows, Ed is going to laser cut us windows, various 1/48 and some 1/2 loco and freight car parts.  I am also using Athearn arch bar freight trucks and KD 805 couplers.  My railroad is in an 11' x 25' out building, it is U shaped with a center peninsula.  The track is code 100 hand laid with stub turnouts and Caboose Industries ground throws and hand cut ties. I have three kit bashed locos, the first is a small box cab with pantograph, the mechanism is a K-Line 4 wheel diesel, the second loco is a center cab diesel with a custom built chain drive and brass frame.  I used the Atlas O scale 3 axel for parts and scratch built the cab.  The third loco that I am working on is the K-Line 0-4-0 saddle tank Porter, which is being converted to a small diesel/gas mechanical with side rods, that will be used to switch the pier.  All of the locos are radio controlled battery powered using the Del Tang system.  I will convert the two diesels to the MRC sound genie at a later date.   So if any of you have or are modeling in 3/8's and can help me track down other modelers or where to source out parts I would be most appreciative.   BTW, the On30 railroad is alive and well and sometime next year I will have an article published in Narrow Gauge Downunder.  So thanks again for any help.
Steve Fisher

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