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 Posted: Wed Aug 17th, 2016 11:10 am
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" I thought the MMMMMRRCo was going to be Link & Pin (about 200 Posts ago) ?? "

Hi Michael :mex:

About 200 posts ago...
...My psychiatrist threw himself out of a 13th floor window, when I said I'd considered using link-n-pins !!

So knuckles it was !

I already had some Kadee On3 & O-scale couplers here to check out.
I felt that the O-scales looked too big for 1:35 narrow gauge...
...& the On3s looked too small.

Eventually I found a supplier of the San Juan Car Co. 'Evolution' couplers in Blightey...
...& the rest, as they say, is history.

John reassured me that 3/4 size knuckle-couplers were a common thing...
...I had somehow been mislead before into thinking only 11" & then 12" ones had been used in the U.S. ( I'm sure they were on std. gauge & big D&RGW 3ft ).

I am absolutely DELIGHTED with the San Juan 'Evolutions'.
They are the best designed model couplers I've ever seen.
I.M.O totaly perfect for 1:35n2 scale.

They also happen to be a zillion times easier to mount on scratchbuilt cars, than Kadees...
...which you pretty much HAVE to use their draft-box to make work.

The San Juans have a very simple mounting-hole & side springs.
The Kadees have a complex shank & a square-hole, requiring a seperate metal centering-spring and matching draft-box.

I would say the San Juans are gonna be a zillion times easier to fit to locos as well, due to this.

I'm a happy :moose:



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