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 Posted: Tue Aug 16th, 2016 08:14 am
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The underframe building has been a bit of a juggling act !

I wanted the cars I've been building to all look subtly different from one another.
Second-hand, sourced from other railroads, cobbled together from spares in the carshop etc.
( & they pretty much have been !! )

It's all been down to achieving a consistent coupler-height...
...not as easy as it sounds !

With about 4 types of trucks, 3 or 4 different types of wheels, several thicknesses of bolsters & couplers mounted either under or inbetween the main car beams... can see where the juggling has come in to it.

The wheel dia., truck-height & bolster-thickness, all effectively moving the final coupler-height up/down.

They had to 'look right' as well as operate correctly also.

The Gilpin Tram underframe above^ & my freelance disconnect trucks below, have been the 'odd bods', as the other cars have the couplers mounted beneath the frames.

I'm yet to mess with the Tri-ang ore-cars on this score...
...but I'm confident they will work out OK.



With that insanity gone OK...
...I thought I'd take a break & I've been messing with some new PECO 'crazy-track' & some BUILDINGS !! this weekend.
Pix. soon !
Later ...............


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