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 Posted: Mon Jul 25th, 2016 08:02 am
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I had mentioned previously that the C&S had proposed to build new ore cars, this time all-steel and of a larger size. To my knowledge, these cars were never built, but it's fun to speculate what would have happened if they had. This car was BIG - about 3' longer than the other ore cars, and with correspondingly larger capacity

In Northfield, a town about 50 miles south of where I live, a gentleman named Jim Machacek had created a 2’ gauge railroad in his backyard. Every October, he would have an open house, and give everyone a chance to see his collection ride around the loop of track he had laid. Jim unfortunately passed away 2 years ago, but he had accumulated several locomotives, including two steam, and a gas, and a diesel loco. I believe the cars and locos may have been obtained from former East German and Czechoslovakia industrial lines.  This collection has since been sold, and the local newspaper reported the equipment was going to Silver Dollar City, a theme park in Branson, Missouri.

A view of an October 2004 excursion train on Jim Mahachek's 2' gauge railroad in Minnesota

Jim was also interested in the Gilpin Tram, and built a full-size replica of one of their "intermediate" version cars. This car was painted black, with unpainted wood end platforms. For trucks, he used surplus trucks from one of the European industrial lines. It was a lot of fun to ride behind in Jim's homemade passenger coach, watching the ore car rattle and bang along the tracks, and imagining what the real thing would have been like 100 years ago!

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