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 Posted: Mon Jul 11th, 2016 06:03 am
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Back in Posts 892 and 896, there was some discussion of the Gilpin Tram ore cars.

First, let's look at a typical ore car:

This string of ore cars is on top of Quartz Hill, near "The Patch." The ore cars were basically metal boxes bolted to wooden end platforms - there was not a continuous sill or beam extending from end to end. This construction caused many of the cars to noticeably sag in the center after years of use

Here is a drawing from the C&S, dated 6-28-08, showing more details of car construction

After the Colorado & Southern acquired the Gilpin Tramway, they probably took a look at what they had purchased, and got busy planning how to improve things. There are two C&S drawings that show this. The first proposed revision would have been to add a steel channel side sill the full length of the car. The drawing showing this change is shown below:

Here is one of the cars when new at Lima Locomotive works - you can see the simple construction used on these cars

This is a C&S drawing of the proposed change, to add a metal channel attached to the sides of the wood platforms and running the full length of the car. I could not read the date on the drawing, but it appears to be more or less the same vintage as the original ore car drawing shown above. I have never seen any record of these modifications having ever been built

There was also another proposed car that would have been a new, all-steel, larger capacity car with 20" diameter wheels. This car would have had all-metal end platforms and ore hopper, and yet still look much like the typical ore car, only bigger. This car also was never built. I know I own a copy of this drawing, but have misplaced it for now, and don't have a scan of it. I will post it once I find it!


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