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 Posted: Wed Jun 29th, 2016 05:41 am
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Once again, using the computer design a printed out templates to make the sides for the TT bridge wheels. Styrene made the box and the wheels are N scale wheels facing inward (flanges out) with the axles cut flush. (I have an image but I cant seem to load it). Anyway with that finished and a pit rail installed, I could get back to the mechanism. A coworker friend is a mechanist by trade and is very skilled at using a lathe and milling machine. He helped guide me in machining a rod and bushing for the crank on the fascia. This part connects a casement window crank with RC car universal ball joints and slide connection, and this with the worm gear.

In the image above you can see the brass wipers. The wires that go to these wipers are connected to a DPDT switch that controls the polarity of the rails. Every time the TT is turned 180 degrees, the polarity needs to be reversed so that a short circuit doesn't occur when a locomotive travels onto the bridge. With that the project is completed for now.

I forgot to mention that the 3D print was done through the help of being an undergraduate student at Temple. Temple has many 3D printers on campus to use, and it was a first time experiment with 3D printing that worked very well.
I know this was a boiled down version of the build but I didn't want to bore anyone with the tiny details. If anyone wants to know more about the things I forgot to mention I'll gladly explain those parts in detail.

That's it for now. Scenery and weathering will come later, time permitting.

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