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 Posted: Fri Mar 4th, 2016 04:48 am
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Your correct-the Compagnie dy Boleo was a French company-something that is uncommon in Mexico as France and Mexico had a mixed relationship after that whole France-invading-Mexico thing. But-during the "Porfiriato"-or what Mexican historians refer to the 35-year period Porfirio Diaz ruled Mexico, Diaz encouraged foreign investment. In a nutshell Porfirio Diaz was the ultimate laissez faire president-If you had money you could do whatever you wanted to in Mexico. Since no one in Mexico had money in Mexico following 300 years of rule (read plundering) by Spain and France, this meant foreign capital-like the Compagnie du Boleo.

But, while the Compagnie du Boleo was a French company- it is accurate to describe them an early international company. The locomotives were mostly Baldwin (American) locomotives. The rolling stock and couplers were European, the employees were from all over the globe-much of the labor was either Asian and native American.


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