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 Posted: Wed Oct 7th, 2015 06:35 pm
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" looks good Si, even better when painted. What's it going on or in Si? "

Hi Dan. :thumb:

Thanks, I like 'the look' of this funky crane too.
I reminds me of a kinda 'mobile crane' my friend Rob has in his yard.
Robs crane is perfect for lifting out motors from 'things'.

His crane is a very similar size to this one; when rescaled to 1:35.
It's on a large wheeled-dolly; which goes under the 'thing' with the motor...
...and BINGO ! a few hundred hand-cranks later a V8 magicaly pops out.
(if you've unscrewed the bolts first !)

The crane is going to be incorporated, somehow, into an enginehouse scene.
Progress has been a tad slow over the summer; slightly diverted on electrical & sound type stuff.
Should get more time to spend on M.M.M over the winter; when we're snowed-in & the electricity goes down as usual !

:us: :f: :!:

We 'might' even try & enter a painting-phase over the winter if possible.
I love sniffing Humbrol-enamel with all the windows closed & the heating ramped-up !!!





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