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 Posted: Thu Jun 18th, 2015 08:11 pm
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" Looks more like a set of bathroom scales for those who don't want to how their weight."

Hi Michael.

I'm not too worried about this myself (ignorance is bliss ?)...
...but then, I'm not spending the rest of my summer in a BEER TENT ! :P
Good luck seeing your scales, past your 'bun in the oven', come autumn !

- - - - - - -

Measurement, of the Volts & Amps type, did come to mind though.
(might help me not to burn-out all the M.M.M motors !) :w:

My D.I.Y train-throttles 'main-board' never got put in a decent case.
It was screwed to the bottom of my old layout...
...& run from a vintage '60s Triang A.C transformer, on the floor ! :shocked:

So, it's time for a case to house the A.C transformer & board, as well as a new handset.

- - - - - - -

I found this nice Volts/Amps meter on eBay for a measely £2.38p inc. P&P !!

I don't like making anything more complex than it has to be.
But this could be a nice little feature for my 'Rolls Royce'...
...& it's 'cheap as chips' !!
(I like cheap chips) :pop:

" Micro-motor boiler-pressure looks OK chief ! " :thumb:

" The engines 'can'-nay take it Captain ! ...
... The Klingons are gonna kick our ass for sure ! "




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