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 Posted: Sun May 31st, 2015 06:50 am
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Hi Kent. :wave:

I never used ferric-chloride directly in the sink (the plug was a loose fit).
I had an old ice-cream tub.
It just tended to splash about a bit.
I think it might have been youthful enthusiasm as well (no danger of that now).

I had to quit the etching years ago, for health & safety reasons... might as well just have gangsters pull yer fingernails out, as mess with that soup !

I did say, if I made the throttle again now, I'd use tag-board.
But this is in fact, how stuff gets made here these days.
Just a piece of Teflon with holes drilled in it !

No blunt saws & drills, cuts with a knife, no nasty fibreglass dust, good insulation, doesn't melt, pretty cheap on fleaBay.

It's a no brainer ! :brill:




P.S. Yep ... No core; no heatsink.
I guess keeping the running Voltage low, is the answer for micro-motors.
I figure the Japanese bullit-train & French T.G.V modellers probably pass on them ! ;)


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