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 Posted: Fri May 29th, 2015 10:48 pm
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The original design for this throttle, is in the (now Medieval) Kalmbach Publishing Co. book ... 'Practical Electronic Projects For Model Railroaders', by Peter J. Thorne.

In the book it's simpley called 'S.C.R Throttle' (silicon controlled rectifier).

It is an amazingly simple circuit...
...but like so many amazingly simple things; it works very well.

Mr. Thorne no doubt tweaked & perfected the operation of the throttle... you don't have to.
It does exactly what it says on the tin ! :s::s::s::s::s:

The 3 commercial throttles I gave away a few years back, were OK; but not great.
Two were straight 'centre-off' H&M '70s jobs...
...and 1 was a Codar-Controls, with an interesting, but poorly operating 'momentum' feature.
It was enough however, for me to realise that 'momentum throttles' were the way forward, to what I liked for running trains.

If you haven't tried a momentum-throttle; you should check one out.
No jerky starts & stops.
The loco 'feels' like it actualy has real mass & velocity.
This S.C.R throttle also has automatic voltage-feedback...
...the power to the rails increases & decreases (not that you would notice it) with changes in the load...
...which helps the train maintain a constant speed.


It's VINTAGE baby !




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