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 Posted: Thu May 21st, 2015 11:28 pm
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Hi Si,

Thanks for compulsorily reinvesting my fees in the MMMMMMMM Corporation Inc. of which I shall now consider myself to be a PAID Director.

Meteorites, Molybdenum ... been on the back-of-shed-moonshine have we ?

WTF ? is about right !

IL-115 is + 4 thou" wider on the rail head, + 3 thou" wider on the foot & same height as IL-83......WHY ??. Nice to see Peco still work in yards though.

D&RGW NG ties are 8" wide x 6" high x 72" long so your stuff isn't far out as it is actually narrower than standard 3' gauge U.S. track.

Shinohara spikes ?  Where from please ?.

You want photos ?  OK :

UK Colliery Loco No 1, an Avonside SS Class. Totally scratch built except for sprung buffer heads & buffer housings, hand rail knobs, motor & worm gear (I made the worm). Wheels  finish turned from semi-finished castings. After I had finished, it came out as a kit but I modestly prefer mine as it looks more "in hard service". Boiler backhead to be made & fitted. Real timber buffer beams !.

Cheers,              Michael

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