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 Posted: Tue May 19th, 2015 05:19 pm
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After glueing the uprights & flanges on the two pulleys... :slow:
(photo, previous page) seemed like the best move, to part-assemble the jib next. :brill:

I glued the small pulley to the jib ends...
...& at the bottom of the jib, used a wider nut as a spacer, with electrical-wire and tape, to hold it all in alignment while the pulley glue dried.

Some of the gear-wheels are just a test fit in this photo.
The 2 straight jib-stretchers, need fitting later.
If you're not carefull here...
...glueing the large gear toward the front of the photo...
...means you CAN'T re-insert the pivot that holds these 2 jib-stretchers. :f:

I made sure ALL the pivots were a tight & straight fit; and glued them LATER.
Here, only the uprights are glued to the base; with some nuts etc. for alignment. L:

I can see why they omitted an assembly-sequence in the instructions...
...they would have needed A LOT MORE PAPER !

Si. :P



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