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 Posted: Sun May 17th, 2015 02:03 am
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Hi Helmut.

" 6V6 - did your Fender  'Champ' guitar amplifier go bust in the end? " :shocked:

Not a bad guess dude ! :brill:

...but NO CIGAR ! :f:

I actualy use a late '50s 'Selmer' push-pull...
...made in London, OF COURSE !
(not sure about Leo's American made tat ;) )

...the 6V6G is for a 'near' clone of (the one BEFORE the 'Champ') the Fender 'Champion 800'/Gibson 'Les Paul Junior' (pre 12AX7, 1947?).
Both I think in fact, an R.C.A design (the same), who supplied the tubes to both manufacturers.

The straight 'clone' was appealing; but it would be NUTS not to take advantage of a few mooooodern 'tweaks' !

Improved choke P.S.U, with modern capacitors.
D.C heaters.
Replace R.C.A preamp pentode; with Marconi 'kinkless tetrode' (KTZ63).

Model railroading sound systems have kinda interested me, vaguely...
...but only if they at least 'attempt' to sound 'real'.

Some guys I knew years ago, used the P.F.M sound-system.
Complicated synchro. cams & stuff.
Was it analouge or low-bit digital ?
I dunno; must research this whole sound thing; not time yet.

Another friend has used recorded sounds, as an 'ambient soundscape'...
...Brian Eno does model railroading ??

I would like to make a mono tube-amp that could potentialy...
...reproduce the sound of a Caterpillar SIXTY starting up etc. !!
The (G) suffix 6V6, is supposed to have KILLER BASS ! (I have (GT)s & (M)s already).
It's like a Poker-game though; I gotta PAY to find out !!
Of couse, a suitable speaker is needed as well !!

Kinda wondered whether to start a dedicated 'sound thread' on Freerails... I don't see one at the present.




P.S. Anyone know if an I2S-bus is available on modern digital train sound systems ?
( yer never know who reads this jazz ! )



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