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 Posted: Fri May 15th, 2015 04:32 pm
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" That little crane looks just the part; slightly reminiscent of a type often formerly seen at canal wharves, & sometimes bolted onto the external walls of old warehouses."

Hi Michael.

Thanks for the memory-jog !

As a kid, when I wasn't scrambling around Norman-ruins & Neolithic-embankments, with my Mum...
...I was probably hangin' out with Pops, around some stinky canal, examining the wonders of rusty Victorian Junkque !!

I knew I'd seen these cranes, the moment I eyeballed the kit.
Not sure I've ever seen one in a railway yard...
...but yes; canal banks & the sides of old warehouses.

I realy like ANY crane in fact.
Back in the day, did I want the Matchbox diecast Ferrari ?
The Spitfire model ?
Or the farm tractor ?
" I want the crane lorry " ... !

- - - - - - -

Here's a close-up of the 'Ratio #531 Yard Crane' sprue ... N i c e !

I hadn't seen any Ratio stuff before.
But am very impressed with the moulding.
Nice high-density styrene.
Pin-sharp, absolutely NO flash; just a teeny-weeny parting line.
Nice detail.

It took me an evening of modelling time to remove all the parts & clean them up.
I have become totaly O.C.D about getting rid of parting lines.
I totaly hate doing it though ... Tedious.
But those muthers ALWAYS show up, right at the very end of painting...
...which AIN'T GOOD ! :f:

VERY nice set of parts ... Me ... Happy bunny ! :bg:


- - - - - - -

" Regards, Michaelangelo  (medieval Chapel ceilings a speciality) "

ANY excuse to get PLASTERED !



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