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 Posted: Wed May 13th, 2015 03:48 am
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Herb - " Oxygen masks drop down from the cab and car celings just before level 3 is reached."

Michael - " Will someone give that cigar chewing hound a light ?."

Hi Michael. :moose:

With all that oxygen leaking out from the upper-tri-level...
...wot yer tryin' to do BLOW US ALL UP ?!

Light that Partagas on the patio, PLEASE.

(Herb, I think Michaels 55mph fossil-fuel lobotomy, was only 55% successful !?)

" 'Visual Separation' - that's posh for you ! Perhaps you also design hats for Ascot ?."

I wear my normal worn-out baseball-cap to Ascot...
...& just add a bunch of bananas to the top; in case any passing Brussels-politicians feel hungry !

" For months I have been doing various impressionist drawings "

Don't worry Michael... half-baked aesthetic-concepts are no match for your work as the Monet of model-railroading !!

- - - - - - -

Hi Helmut. :moose:

Thanks for the train-lift tech.
I've penciled one in, for layout expansion-module #99.
(Michael has already started a full-size 'oil on canvas' of his !)

Those double-ended locos are a Fairlie good idea ! (groan).
The turntable in my switchback plan; is about as useful as an ashtray on a motorcycle.
My insane-mind has been 'imagineering' a double-ended railcar already (Plaster City inspired).

I've always wanted to model a turntable anyway.
A few short storage-tracks coming off it is the idea.
If I'm not going for a train-lift just yet... gives me something complicated to curse at, when it doesn't work properly !!




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