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 Posted: Tue Apr 28th, 2015 09:35 pm
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" That's an English shay.  The drive is on the "wrong" side like the autos. :bg::bg: "

Hi Dave.

Thanks for joggin' my memory on the 'lefty' story.
I remembering thinking WHY ? at the time.
It must have cost MORE surely; with tech-drawing, parts, confussion etc. !
There must have been a GOOD reason for it.

How about this.
I'm guessing Shay engineers look out on the non-cylinder side.
With them so near the cab; the steam etc. must be a bit of a hazard ?
Perhaps the Brit. railway that ordered it had a signaling system...
...& it was installed on the right-hand side of the track.
Hence, steamy stuff on the left-hand side.

Make any sense to anyone ?

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Here's a cabless 'biggie' with a pretty nice full-length roof.

Si. :moose:


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