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 Posted: Mon Apr 27th, 2015 04:42 pm
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Hi Michael.

It's not just that you will be able to enjoy your beans on toast in 5* Hilton style.
Think of it as an investment.
One day YOU will 'need' funds & expansion for Chavez Junction !
Keep the shareholders sweet.

If the kitchen refurb. gets too much... can always enlarge one of the A.C socket holes; & escape throught it !
It worked for Clint Eastwood.

- - - - - - -

My 'topless' Google searches weren't turning up any locomotives... I tried 'cabless' instead.

Came up with this interesting cabless Shay.
Top, yes ... Cab, no.

Not sure if Lima actually shipped 'em without 'proper' cabs.
I have heard stories of wooden-cabs burning down & being replaced.
But for hot climates, a top is desirable; whereas a cab probably isn't.

I think this photo might have been on Freerails before.
Either the negative got printed backwards...
...or this is a rare Shay, with the interesting-bits on the 'wrong side' !

Adious Amigos.

Si. :java::mex:


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