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 Posted: Mon Apr 13th, 2015 11:01 pm
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OK Si, you owe me 1/2 an evening's modelling time !. I cannot (re)find that cabless Shay/Climax photo anywhere's yet,  BUT :

A small amount of coal would probably be kept inboard of these cab side 1/2 sheets.

Some "open cab" locos were completely open, as in the damaged shunter photo above. Some had a less than full height 'spectacle plate' cab front sheet - sometimes with 2 round porthole windows. Some were as above - a 'spectacle plate' type but extended higher up & with the cab front sheet partly extended over the footplate.

Photos by Salada.

Cheers,                                 Michael

(that's 1/2 evening at mega $$$$$ an hour !!)

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