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 Posted: Sun Apr 5th, 2015 04:07 am
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Dave the postman was a little later than usual this morning.
Musta had a blinder, Friday night, by the looks of things.
Today Dave brought me half a dozen double-glazing brochures...
...& one-hundred 10A scalpel blades.

Once I've finished reading how I need 'surgicaly clean' plastic-windows, SIX TIMES OVER ! (thats just TODAYS brochures !)...
...I can commit ritual-suicide using my new 'surgicaly clean' 10As; If I can't take the double-glazing onslaught any more !

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Hi Michael.

Thanks for your message; I can't wait to hear your information about windows !!

I did check out my Grandt Line stash today.
Not much of a hoard ! I thought there were more.
Seems like I only have these 4.
Grandt Line #3721 - 36"x70" Window Double Hung 8 Pane.

These 1/4" scale windows, look pretty OK for 1:35.
Bit fancy for an enginehouse...
...gonna have to dream up a new building, to use these in.

As Woodie says :-
" Good enough for Government work."  :cb:





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