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 Posted: Thu Apr 2nd, 2015 05:47 am
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Hi Mr. Greene.  :cb:

I like the 'under construction' idea...
...I'm gonna just HAVE to get one of those Italeri 'brick walls' kits, sooner or later !  :!:

I would like the enginehouse design to allow easily seeing inside.
I am considering useing a slightly greater number of windows & perhaps skylights, than one sometimes sees on some enginehouses.

I figure if the railroad had a bit of spare $$$, the engineers plea of " MORE WINDOWS " might have got done ?

I hope the 2nd Tamiya 'brick wall set' arrives today.
Looking forward to playing bricklayer again; & getting a final foundation design.

Need to move forward on this FAST, FAST, FAST !  :shocked: :shocked: :shocked:

I have a small stash of Grandt Line windows as well.
They will get used for something COOL soon, I hope.
They are real hard to get in the U.K; P+P from the U.S.A is NUTTY on them as well. :Crazy:

All the best.





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