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 Posted: Tue Mar 31st, 2015 06:52 am
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Thanks Michael.

Might be something to do with the newfangled 'virtual reality' railroading...
...lots of Windows (TM), but not many windows ?

" None of the above come with ready shot bullet holes though." :mex:

I'm working on that one...
...have an ammo-box full of Peckinpah DVDs, for research at the weekend !

As I said to Herb, steam is at FULL PRESSURE on Mysterious Moose mountain... I've decided to order the die-cut ones, before I get a leak !

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" Yeah, Mr Pink sounds like Mr Pussy. Tell you what, let me be Mr Purple. That sounds good to me, I'm Mr Purple."

" You're not Mr Purple, somebody from another job's Mr Purple, You're Mr Pink ! "

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Thought I'd just put up the details of the 'warehouse' windows...
...might be of use to other 1:35 or O-scalers.

Mr Purples warehouse windows.

Si. :pimp:


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