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 Posted: Mon Mar 30th, 2015 06:02 am
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Now THAT'S what I call a train wreck !  :Crazy:

With all the recent 'crash action' here at Freerails...
...I had thought about a Moose Mountain wreck, believe it or not !
Italeri 'bombed out' 1:35 bricks could be ideal.

I see, some enginehouses have doors on both ends.
Did wonder if that might be to save bustin' through the 'expensive' walls...
...rather than a 'cheap' pair of doors ?
Could just be for better ventilation or whatnot though.

- - - - - - -

I was kiddin' myself on being able to make the entire foundation with 1 Tamiya set.  :dope:
In my scheme, there were only 2 of the tiny end-pieces left unused.

Of course no one would build even a small building like this, with only 1 layer of bricks.
Thought I could hide that with the doors & frame etc.
But when you 'double up' the Tamiya walls to 2 layers, they start looking like 'proper' walls (shame about no bond-pattern; but we have a story for that !).

A 2nd Tamiya brick wall set was ordered by the Mysterious Moose Mountain management...
...after Boris 'ratted out' the brickie (who was FIRED !) as incompetent !  :f:

They managed to score it on evilBay for £5.41p...
...Dave, the postman, will no doubt be dropping by in a few days.

Si. :moose:

P.S.  Michael, or any other U.K. dudes...
...I've been looking for suppliers of O-scale windows...
...enginehouse / industrial-building type.

Haven't had much luck !  :us:

Did see some nice looking die-cut ones...
...but nothing in styrene.

Anyone got a manufacturers name to suggest ?  L:


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