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 Posted: Fri Mar 27th, 2015 04:10 pm
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Hi Charley.

You are right, the web is a wonderful world !

Without it, I would NEVER have found, even these simple brick wall kits...
...unless I had a stack of catalogues like phone-books & went to every military-modelling show under the sun.

This 'simple' thing, makes my life less 'complicated'.

And of course I get to meet 'goodfellas' like yourself !

I have even met a cigar smoking Pennsylvanian dog on the Web.
...yeah realy, no kidding !

- - - - - - -

Yep ! ... the brick walls are for an enginehouse.

Why do we want one of those ?


Here's one of our first attempts with the Tamiya bricks.

Wolfgang is having a day off from the Russian-front; & has found a Canadian motor to tinker with.

Boris is trying to work out why that IDIOT bricklayer has put an odd angle at the end of the wall !

The bricklayer, back from a liquid-lunch; throws up a few more ft. of clay.

Boris is thinking, where did they get that IDIOT; that quirky join top-right, is undergrad. stuff !

Wolfgang says " You just can't get Ford V8 parts in Berlin."

( it gets better ... NOT the story ... THE WALLS YOU IDIOT ! )

Yours cemently.

Si. :P

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