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 Posted: Thu Mar 26th, 2015 11:10 pm
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" that looks a damn lot easier than the bag of Verlinden 1:35 bricks that I used "  :bang:

Hi Woodie  :cb:

Whilst I don't think that making an entire building from these is in any way practical...
...for the 'brick foundation & wooden top' structure I want; they are ideal.

I played around with the sections quite a bit last night...
...and with only 3 different mouldings, it's amazing how many different combinations can be made.
( all WITHOUT any cutting involved )

The fact that they look like bricks from both sides is exellent... the interior of the planned structure, will be clearly visible.

I thought I might need 2-packs to have enough sections for the job...
...but in the end 1-pack is enough, with only 2 of the short end sections left over.

Pictures to follow.

- - - - - - -

I also came across another similar military kit...
...ITALERI #405 - 1:35 'brick walls'.

They go together something like this.

I'm not sure if they are 'compatible' with Tamiya bricks...
...but am thinking about adding this to my 'might have' list !

Could have uses other than 'bombed out'...
...small collapsed structure, under-construction, abandoned foundation etc.

Way less wall here than the Tamiya kit...
...goes for more 'lolly' as well !

What could I make with it ?...
...I think I might have to get one !

AAARRRGGGHHH !!! ... Another kit !


Si. :pop:


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