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 Posted: Thu Mar 26th, 2015 06:15 am
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" I like the story so far. Tell us more about the Tequila consumption "

Hi Michael.

I'm sorry, I don't remember anything about it...
...I think it was the worm that did it !

It might come back to me later...


- - - - - - -

A while back I started drawing a few trackplans & diorama ideas, which was a good exercise...
...but ran into problems, not knowing the 'footprint' of proposed structures.

Looking back at them now, most of the trackplans were trash anyhow...
...but looking at them again, at least I see the pitfalls; and further ideas have emerged from that.


Meanwhile, back at the ranch...
...our construction boys have been hoarding rail, lumber, ballast &...

In their investigations into building materials, they came across the Tamiya 'brick wall set'...
...pretty COOL !

You get 3 sorts of wall-section...
...straight, diagonal & end-pieces.

They go together something like this.

A few Shillings & a couple of days later...
...Dave the postman turned up, with the foundations for a 1:35 building in his bag.

Cheers Dave ! :bg:

Si. :java::mex:

With all that fermented worm infested cactus-juice around these parts...
...a brickie needs a STRONG cup of coffee in the morning, to 'keep his eye in' !


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