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 Posted: Tue Mar 24th, 2015 04:07 pm
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Si , Woodrowe fellers..

The story is about as fun as the modelling..more so..?..when i am flat about producing..I am getting better at enjoying the books..the internet,,..speaking of which..back some time ago..years..,..I must admit to..cannot deny...w/o the actual age shewing..

I wanted to know about some mysterious wee trens in wales..virtually nothing available here as far as wasn't till about 1989 that I was able to get the JIC Boyd series on the rlys of wales.volumnes 1- 5 ..?..and even then I had trouble concentrationg on the written word..liking "pitchers"

The photographs were not so big..and not so clear....the fotos were good quality..but it was that I had no idear of context..where and whot this stuff was..relating to things..probably reading in detail would have helped..

Hard when a brother is driven to produce more and more in the work place with no rise in pay expected to work harder for the same rate..a bit of philosophy thrown in , complaint..maybe...

A great set of books along this vein is the series of little fictional..{ some historical} by the "Frog" ..Brian is " Slates to Churchwater" I suspect these books are available..probably on line now..they of course only whet the appetite..I wish he would have done more..more / work harder for rise in pay..I suspect...

Of course..we can make our own stories ..our own lokeys and wagons..lay our own our own worlds..we have a forum to send in and share..or see the sharing of others..

So then..great stuff...

And there is rumoured to be a 18" gauge , four wheel passenjare carriage under way in Beatty , Nevada , are is a bit soft today..but it is starting..and progress will be shared..

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