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 Posted: Mon Mar 23rd, 2015 07:57 pm
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Howdy Woodie :cb:

First of all I would like to thank EVERYONE at Freerails, for bucket loads of inspiration !
Seeing the huge diversity of interests here is quite simply AWESOME. :P

Since being a member, my railroading horizons have expanded tenfold.
A far cry from the first steps into U.S narrow gauge I made 20 or more years ago.

Back then a few pages a month from imported U.S mags, and the odd book or two, was it.
A Red-Cross 'food parcel' of parts from Stateside just about kept things rolling.

All the little bits & pieces modellers consume, were near impossible to get, for a U.S liking U.K guy.
This is still the case today; & sourcing parts without huge P&P bills, is difficult.

Thanks to 'Coronado' of Arizona & Russ Simpson in particular, for help with this.
Also thanks to the members of the two U.S railroading clubs I went to in the U.K.

Cheers all of you ! :bg:

Inspired by all of this...
...& Herbs recent words :-
" We're not running a prison camp " :old dude:

I decided to start a thread for my 1:35 'lint' !

- - - - - - -

I'm pleased you like the story Woodie.
Always curious to know how people got to where they are; I thought I'd start of with a bit of my story.
Where I've come from, where I wanna go; that kinda thing.
Some more of that to come as well !

" OK Si, whar's the 35n2 layout???!!! "

Gimme a chance Chief, I'm only on Post #1; We're not running a prison camp !

All the best.


Si. :java::mex:


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