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 Posted: Mon Dec 16th, 2013 10:46 pm
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Hi Daniel,the whole idea of a hobby is to take your mind of other things in life and relax your mind.(Mental escape)If it is becoming a real chore it is time to change direction.I can only repeat what Tom said,,,,,,Welcome to the wild world of free and easy freelancing !,,,,IT'S FUN...The hobby is there to enjoy and sometimes like I have done,you do what you can with what you have in time and money...Just remember ....It's your layout,you do what you like..if some one else does not like it ,it's there problem.My layout is totally freelance and I love it ,even though it has an Australian theme, it uses American style rolling stock.What you are doing looks good and interesting (I hang a RIVET at the door for the rivet counters) cheers Peter.. :):old dude:

I aspire to inspire before I expire.
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