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 Posted: Sun Dec 15th, 2013 09:03 pm
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Hi there :wave:

Thought that I would start my thread about myon30 railroad project. I currently building to 4mm fine scale which I do not have time for and is becoming bit of a chore. My dad builds UK narrow gauge and have always gone to the Swanley narrow gauge shows with him and always got drawn to the on30stuff and thought to my self why not, I'm married, have a mortgage, daughter ( with now one on the way) so don't have much time. Basically I want a free lance railway, want to buy and run ready to run locos, lay pre-made track and just have fun with out being under the thumb of the proto type.

My layout is going to be L shaped and will be made up of 4 600x1000mm modules with a fiddle yard at one end. The rail road will be a small station terminus with a few sidings and a coal mine and want to base it on 2 foot gauge. All loco will be mainly the Bachmann porters and converted HO gauge locos, rolling stock will be made up of Chivers Kits, converted HO gauge and scratch built items.

Below is a basic plane of what I want at the moment. Please ignore the sizes this was a rough guide.

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