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 Posted: Thu Sep 12th, 2013 03:08 am
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Si, Woodrow, fellers...

I don't know about them ore cars...
I haven't finished the book..

I think it is out of print..
BUT..I just bought my copy off ebay a week ago..after deciding I needed it..
did not buy it when it came out..?..
go figger..

I think there are plans galore of the Gilpin stuff..
whot surprises me is the surfeit {bunches}..of scenes showing the cabeese ..may be one, rebuilt twice..
and excursion cars re built and or used as calaboosetes..
AND..the gondola's...quite common in shots..

Now for years everybody and their brothers was wondering about Gilpin cars..
a great mystery..
now common as beans on our shelving..

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